Crushers are indispensable elements of the heavy industry and mining sectors. Their primary function is to break down large-sized rocks and hard materials like stone into desired sizes. This process plays a critical role in the processing of mines, the preparation of materials for road construction, or the production of composite materials like concrete in the construction sector.

Crushers are manufactured in different types according to their uses. These machines are categorized into four main types: jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and vertical shaft crushers. Each is specially designed according to the type of material and the characteristics of the desired final product, and they have a wide range of uses from mining to construction.

Particularly with the developments in the construction sector and the increase in infrastructure projects, the importance of crushers is growing even more. The use of these machines, especially in large projects, provides time and cost savings. For example, a jaw crusher can break tons of material per hour, thus speeding up projects. Impact crushers, on the other hand, are designed to meet the need for more uniform and fine materials and are preferred especially in asphalt production. Innovative crusher designs are constantly evolving to meet modern industrial needs such as energy efficiency and sustainability, adapting to technological advancements in the sector, reducing costs, and maximizing efficiency.

What is a Crusher?

Modern mining and construction industries require powerful machines to break materials and reduce their size. This is where crushers come into play. A crusher is a machine designed to convert large rocks, ores, and other solid materials into smaller pieces or dust.

Crushers are generally used in a quarry or construction site, processing various sizes of stones and minerals to reduce them to smaller sizes for the production of road construction, concrete, asphalt, and other construction materials. The use of these machines increases efficiency in the mining and construction sectors and ensures the processed materials are suitable for various purposes.

Crushers vary according to the type of mechanism they use to perform the crushing process. The most common types are as follows:


Jaw Crushers

These crushers consist of two jaw plates. The material placed between the fixed and the moving jaw is broken down into small pieces. Jaw crushers are generally preferred for coarse crushing processes.

Impact Crushers

Impact crushers break the material by applying high-speed impacts. These machines are used for more homogeneous and fine crushing processes.

Cone Crushers

These crushers use a cone-shaped crushing mechanism to break hard materials like stone and minerals. They are ideal for secondary or tertiary crushing processes.

Vertical Shaft Crushers (VSI)

VSI crushers, which break the material through a high-speed rotating rotor, are particularly suitable for fine crushing processes and sand production.

Areas of Use for Crushers

Crushers are essential machines especially in the following areas:

  • Mining Quarries: Extraction and processing of various minerals.
  • Construction Industry: Production of fundamental materials, road construction, building construction, and similar areas.
  • Urban Renewal: Demolition of old structures and their recycling.
  • Sand and Gravel Production: Providing sand and gravel for the production of construction materials like concrete and asphalt.

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