Crushing Plants

Crushing plants are machines that significantly meet the raw material needs of the construction sector. These facilities, which separate large rocks into small pieces and make them ready for use, consist of many machines. Jaw crushers, vertical shaft crushers, secondary impact crushers, cone crushers, vibrating screens, feeders, and screw washers are some of these machines.

Crushing plants are used in mines and large-scale construction projects. Thanks to these machines, large-sized stones are broken, classified, and prepared for use. Especially in the mining sector, these facilities are of great importance in the extraction, breaking, and processing of large-sized ores.

Known as crushing and screening plants, these facilities come in mobile and stationary options.

Mobile plants are preferred for their portability. This feature makes them sustainable. Mobile plants have the capacity to process different materials such as stone, sand, and gravel. Moreover, they can operate at high efficiency despite having low operating costs.

These plants, used in large-scale mines, quarries, and construction projects, operate at high capacity. These facilities, which can adapt to challenging geographical conditions, are made of durable materials.

Crushing and Screening Plants for Sale in Istanbul

Crushing and screening plants, one of the cornerstones of the construction and mining sector, process various materials to provide the raw materials required by projects with the desired qualities. These facilities offer a wide range of services including crushing, screening, washing, and classification processes. The mobile crushing plant stands out with its flexibility of relocation, highlighting its ability to be easily moved to different work areas. The portability of mobile plants provides a significant advantage in projects requiring frequent location changes.

Modern mining and construction projects increasingly emphasize the importance of crushing and screening plants in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Used in these operations, the jaw crusher has a critical role in effectively breaking large stone blocks due to its wide crushing capacity and robustness. After the crushing process, the washing plant and screening machines come into play, enhancing the quality of the produced material and making it suitable for use.

The impact crusher is used for breaking materials of medium hardness and provides a high reduction ratio. This machine is preferred technology for fine material production. The materials obtained in crushing processes should be of quality that can be directly used in various construction processes. Therefore, stone crushing processes should be meticulously planned and implemented.

The cone crusher is preferred for final stage crushing processes and ensures the production of more homogeneous size materials. This equipment holds a significant place in mining and construction projects due to its high performance and efficiency.

Crushing Plants

Crushing and Screening Plants for Sale by Owner

Crushing and screening plants for sale by owner are a preferred choice in the second-hand market. Second-hand machines can be more cost-effective compared to a new plant but also have some disadvantages. These types of facilities are preferred by companies operating in the mining, quarrying, or construction sectors. Some important considerations when purchasing a second-hand crushing plant include:

  • Condition of the equipment
  • Maintenance records
  • Capacity and performance
  • Model and age
  • Reliability
  • Purchase cost

When considered as a long-term investment, purchasing a new machine may be more advantageous. The after-sales support and warranty guarantee offered by the manufacturer minimize potential problems and enhance the value of the investment.

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