Stone Crushing Machine

Stone crushing machine is a device used for reducing large stones into smaller pieces. This industrial device comes in many models produced for different purposes. The need for stone crushing can arise for small plots of land in agriculture, etc. Stone crushing may also be necessary for construction sites or for raw material production.

Stone crushing machine reduces stones by compressing, striking, or rotating them. These machines have the capacity to process several hundred kilograms to thousands of tons of stone per hour. The efficiency of the machine depends on the size of the input material, the type of the machine, and its settings. These machines are most commonly used in mining, construction, road building, and crushing-grinding facilities. They are indispensable especially for the production of construction materials and mining extraction.

What is a Stone Crushing Machine?

A stone crushing machine is equipment used in various sectors like mining, construction, and agriculture to divide large stones into smaller pieces. These machines have efficient and productive working characteristics even under tough conditions.

In addition to simple models used in fruit orchards or for cleaning field stones, there are also models that can break up rocks in very large areas. The stone crushing machine increases the processing and productivity of the soil by breaking the large stones in the soil. These machines can process stones effectively without damaging tree roots.

A stone crusher typically consists of:

  • Feeding Hopper: The section where stones are placed into the machine.
  • Crushing Unit: The main mechanism that breaks the stones.
  • Conveyor Belt: The belt that transports the crushed stones.

The basic working principle for stone crushers can be summarized as follows; Feeding

  • Material Loading: The stone crushing process begins with placing large-sized stones into the feeding section of the machine. In this step, the size and type of stones are determined based on the machine’s capacity and design.
  • Feeding Mechanism: The feeding section of the machine usually includes a vibrating feeder or conveyor system. These systems ensure the regular and controlled progress of stones to the crusher.
  • Initial Stage: The feeding stage is critical for the efficiency and continuity of the crushing process. If the stones are not fed in the correct size and speed, the machine’s performance can decrease, and wear can increase.


  • Crushing Mechanism: The crushing process is usually carried out using different types of crushers such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, or cone crushers. Each crusher type has different crushing principles and mechanical structures.
  • Impact and Pressure: Stones are crushed inside the machine with strong pressures and impacts. This process can be adjusted according to the structure and hardness of the stone.
  • Size Reduction: The crushing process reduces the size of the stones to the desired level. This process varies depending on the type of stone and the characteristics of the desired final product.

Separation and Classification

  • Screening Process: After the crushing process, stone pieces are separated based on their sizes. This process is usually carried out using screening machines.
  • Size Classification: Screening machines separate stone pieces through sieves with various sized holes. This classifies stones by size.
  • Final Product: As a result of classification, stone pieces of various sizes are obtained. These products are used for road construction, concrete production, and other construction materials.
Stone Crushing Machine

The area that can be processed per hour with a stone crushing machine depends on the size and capacity of the machine. Some models can process a few acres per hour, while larger industrial models can process much larger areas in a short time.

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