Bim machine is a facility that produces brick blocks used as raw materials in the construction industry. Thanks to these new generation machines equipped with the latest technology, construction projects are completed more quickly. The need for labor decreases day by day with the use of these machines.

Bim machine can have different models and capacities according to the needs of the project it will be used for. In addition, different materials such as concrete blocks, curb stones, and paving stones can also be produced by changing molds in the Bims machine. This increases the efficiency of the machine.

The benefits of purchasing a brick machine for a business can be listed as follows:

  • Raw material needs for construction and infrastructure projects can be met quickly.
  • Since the machines can be installed on-site, transportation costs are eliminated.
  • Bricks are produced in a more durable and high-quality manner.
  • Significant savings in time and labor are achieved.
  • As machines can be used in other projects, costs are reduced.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable projects can be realized.

Bims Machines for Sale

There are many companies that produce Bims brick machines for sale. Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive research on the features, capacities, and dimensions of the machines. Making a choice compatible with the needs of the facility is important at this point. Information about the machines can be requested by contacting the manufacturer.

Brick machine prices can vary depending on the model and capacity of the facility. These machines come in three different types: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Each operates on a different principle.

Bims brick machines are categorized according to their labor needs and technological features.

Manual Brick Machine

This machine, which has a daily production capacity of about 1000 units, requires an operator. During the production process, the machine is manually operated.

Semi-Automatic Brick Machine

Semi-automatic machines with a daily production capacity of 6000 units still require some human labor.

Automatic Brick Machine

The fully automatic brick machine, with a daily production capacity of over 18,000 units, does not require any human labor during the production process. This facility is more suitable for large-scale construction projects.

Bim Machine

These facilities, also known as brick pressing machines or concrete paving machines, are an important investment for the future of the construction industry. In these facilities, raw materials such as Bims bricks, paving stones, concrete blocks, curbs, and asmelons, which meet the needs of the sector, are produced. Therefore, investing in a brick machine offers sectoral advantages.

CONMACH produces Bims brick machines. You can contact us for any inquiries about the machines and request information about the prices of the facilities.