What is a Mobile Crusher?

What is a mobile crusher? It is a construction machine used in quarries, mining, and large-scale construction projects. This machine is one of the key components of crushing and screening plants. The crusher plant, designed to break large stones and rocks into smaller pieces, plays a critical role in raw material production.

What is a mobile crusher? Mobile crushers, which are set up on wheeled or tracked platforms, offer advantages over stationary plants. Thanks to their portable structure, these machines can be used in various projects. This feature increases the preference for mobile crushers in terms of production efficiency and sustainability.

What is a Mobile Crusher?

The advantages of mobile crushers can be listed as follows:

They can be easily transported to different construction sites with their wheeled and tracked systems.

The ability to crush materials on-site eliminates the need for transportation.

Installation and dismantling processes are less costly and less complex compared to stationary plants.

Optimizes production processes, reducing operating costs.

Processing material on-site reduces the carbon footprint and offers environmentally sensitive production possibilities with dust collection features.

What is a Mobile Crusher Plant?

Used in quarries and construction sites, the mobile crusher plant, a portable stone crushing machine, significantly meets the industry’s raw material needs. This facility produces materials to be used in construction and road building by dividing large rocks and stone blocks into smaller sizes. Crusher plants usually consist of several components. The jaw crusher, one of the most crucial parts of these plants, is used to break large stone blocks in the initial stage.

Also known as mobile crushers, mobile crushers can be chosen according to different ground conditions and transportation needs. Mobile crushers move on rubber wheels, while tracked crushers offer maneuverability in more challenging terrain. These features allow the mobile crusher plant to easily adapt to different job sites.

The design of the mobile crusher aims for easy and quick installation and dismantling processes. This way, it can respond quickly to project changes and needs in different locations. The crusher stone crushing process is generally carried out with high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly methods, contributing to the sustainability goals of the projects.

The working principle of the mobile crusher plant is as follows:

  • Feeding: Large-sized stones or ores are loaded into the feeding section of the plant.
  • Primary Crushing: These materials are first divided into large pieces by the jaw crusher.
  • Secondary Crushing: After the primary crushing, impact crushers or cone crushers are used to break the materials into smaller pieces.
  • Screening: After the crushing process, the materials are screened and sorted into various sizes.
  • Transportation: The classified raw materials are transported by conveyors.
  • Dust Control: Dust collection units are used to control the dust generated during the crushing process.

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