Washing Screws

Washing screws are indispensable pieces of equipment in the aggregate, mining, and sand processing industries. They are primarily used for washing, classifying, and dewatering various types of sands and aggregates. These machines work by using a spiral screw to transport the materials up the incline of a tub while water is fed into the lower part of the tub. This process separates the finer particles and washes away impurities such as clay, silt, and salt residues, which are commonly found in raw materials. Washing screws are highly efficient in producing cleaner, higher quality sand and aggregates, which is essential for meeting both industry standards and environmental regulations.

Washing screws are designed to handle a wide range of material sizes and types, making them versatile for different applications. They come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate specific processing needs. The speed of the spiral screw can be adjusted, allowing for optimal control over the washing and dewatering processes. This adjustability is particularly beneficial when dealing with materials that have varying degrees of dirt or impurities. Modern washing screws are also engineered with features that enhance their efficiency, such as wear-resistant materials for the screw and tub, which prolongs their service life. Additionally, many models include integrated systems that recycle water, thereby reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact. This makes washing screws not only effective in material cleaning and classification but also a more sustainable choice for operations conscious of their environmental footprint.

ModelMain Dimensoins (mm)Motor Power (kW)Capacity (t/h)Weight (kg)
m³/h 0-3 mmm³/h 0-7 mm
SingleWS 500500x5000412201.500
WS 600600x60005,518302.400
WS 10001000x100022709010.500
DoubleWD 400400x40005,5x216272.300
WD 500500x50007,5x225422.800
WD 600600x60007,5x235555.200

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