Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating feeders play an essential role in the efficient transfer and handling of materials in various industrial processes, including mining, quarrying, recycling, and aggregate production. These devices use vibration to move materials forward and to ensure a steady flow of products to crushers, conveyors, or screens. Their controlled vibration is achieved through the use of eccentric weights, motors, or electromagnetic drives, which allows for precise control over the rate and quantity of the material being fed. This ensures that the downstream processing equipment receives a consistent and manageable supply, which is critical for maintaining optimal operating conditions and preventing bottlenecks in production lines.

Vibrating feeders are highly adaptable and can handle a wide range of material types, from fine powders to large, coarse particles. They are particularly useful for handling materials that are sticky or prone to tangling, as the vibration helps to loosen the material and prevent blockages. Their design can be customized with various liners, including abrasion-resistant and non-stick coatings, to suit specific material characteristics and to prolong feeder longevity. Moreover, modern vibrating feeders are often equipped with features such as variable frequency drives that allow operators to change the feeding rate in real time, adapting quickly to changes in production demand. This level of control and flexibility makes vibrating feeders an invaluable asset in many industrial settings, optimizing the flow and efficiency of the overall material handling system.

ModelWidth (mm)Length (mm)Capacity min.-max. (t/h)Motor Power (kW)

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