Stationary Crushing Plants

Stationary crushing plants are machines used in sectors such as mining and construction to break down large and varied materials into smaller pieces. These facilities are designed to increase the efficiency of material processing and production processes, especially in large-scale projects. Known for their durability and high capacities, fixed crushing plants are ideal for heavy-duty conditions. Typically installed in a permanent location, these plants promise efficient operation for projects requiring long-term and continuous work. They possess features like energy efficiency and noise reduction to minimize environmental impact and ensure sustainable production.

Stationary crushing plants usually consist of a feeder, crusher, screening unit, and conveyor belts. These components work together to perform the crushing process efficiently and effectively. The plants are capable of processing materials of different sizes and hardness and can be customized according to the specific needs of a project. Made from quality and durable materials, these facilities offer long-term use and low maintenance costs, maximizing return on investment. Furthermore, the modular design of the plants provides flexibility for future expansions or reconfigurations, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs.

“…non-stop support 24/7 to the customers.”

CONMACH is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers’ demands. Besides, the assembly and start up operations of the machines are performed by CONMACH’ s experienced technicians. The quality and quickness of after-sale service is a must for CONMACH. For this purpose, a special departmant just for after-sale has been established and this department supplies non-stop support 7×24 to the customers.

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