Secondary Impact Crushers

Secondary impact crushers are vital tools in the aggregate and mining industries, designed specifically for the second stage of crushing. After the initial reduction by a primary crusher, these machines take the coarser input material and further reduce it to the desired size, shaping the particles into a more cubical or uniform form. They are particularly effective in producing high-quality aggregate that is both consistent and well-graded, essential for concrete and asphalt applications. Secondary impact crushers typically offer a higher reduction ratio compared to primary crushers and have robust designs to handle hard, abrasive materials with ease. They are equipped with heavy-duty rotors, wear-resistant materials, and advanced breaking technologies, ensuring efficient operation and longevity.

Secondary impact crushers are also characterized by their flexibility in operation. They can be adjusted to produce a variety of product sizes by changing the speed or the spacing of the impact aprons. This adjustability makes them adaptable to a range of applications, from road building to manufactured sand. Advanced models include hydraulic adjustment systems that allow for quick changes to the crusher settings and automated systems that can adjust the settings in real time to maintain consistent product quality. Moreover, they often come with features that minimize downtime, such as hydraulic opening of the crusher body for easy maintenance and quick exchange of wear parts. The integration of these crushers into complete crushing systems allows for the optimization of the entire process, improving not only product quality but also increasing the efficiency and sustainability of operations.

ModelRotor Size (mm)Maximum Feed Size (mm)Capacity min.-max. (t/h)Motor Power (kW)
DMK011100x1000400 -450120 - 180160
DMK021100x1200400 - 450170 - 250200
DMK031100x1500400 - 450250 -300250
DMK041400x2000600 -700250 - 500500

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