Belt Conveyor

Pre-Feeding Bunker

Used for storing all kinds of materials and loading trucks. The feeding can be performed in 4 directions simultaneously. Belt conveyors are used in mines, quarries and many other areas.

Also belt conveyors are used for feeding both primary materials and for unloading recycled products. Standard types of bins are 45-60-100-120 m3. There is almost no wear and tear. Feed adjustment is very easy and simple.

Used for all types of feed stock and truck loading. Feeding can be done from 4 directions at the same time. In mines, quarries and many other areas, many final materials are obtained through crushers. It is also used as a secondary element where the materials coming with conveyor belts or various transportation elements are transferred.

(ton / saat)


High capacity and efficiency compared to washing screws.

Fine material leakage, moisture and clay content in the separated material is low.

Requires little maintenance. Low power consumption.

  1. Compared to the screw washer, has a high performance
  2. Requires minimal maintenance. Power consumption is minimal.
  3. Leakage of small parts is unlikely
  4. Buckets are made of perforated sheets, you can change them easily.
  5. Speed of the buckets is adjustable.
  6. Deposition hopper is quite wide, volume is large.
  7. Low need for spare parts. Economical maintenance

BUCKET SAND WASHER: Designed for washing sand, separating fine particles from water. They have high productivity.

Such washing equipment can be single or double, depending on the number of screws. In this system, the sand is transported by rotation and the washing process is carried out at the maximum level. Most often, sand washer is used in quarries where the size of the rocks is small.

SCREW WASHER: It is often used in quarries for the production and extraction of sand. Screw sand washers are used for cleaning of foreign bodies. It is practical in transportation. Maintenance is performed at fairly long intervals and does not require large costs.

In this system, the sand is transported by rotation and a maximum washing process is realized. It is very common especially in quarries where the size of the materials is small.

They are generally used in sand screening plants. Foreign objects are purified by these machines. There is no difficulty when transportation is required. When we look at the purpose of use, it is to ensure that mines and minerals with high pollution rates are washed in the best way.

VIBRATING SCREEN: Allows you to wash and separate the material up to 50 microns from other materials. It is used in the processing of materials such as coal, salt, gravel, sand. Screen has high performance and does not require large investment.


Energy consumption per ton is very low.

Does not require large investment and cost.

Ease of operation and verification.

High capacity.

Preparation of the product for the drain

High sieving productivity with an area of 5.6 m2.

Low investment and operating costs.

It consumes very little energy per ton.

Easy and trouble-free operation and maintenance.

It gives dry product that facilitates stocking.

It works with high capacity and efficiency.

With its 5.6 m2 sieving area, the product capacity is greatly increased.


They are produced as stationary and mobile.

Used for feeding material to primary crushers.

Driven by vibro motors.

Used for feeding wet and non-sticky materials

Bypass material can be separated thanks to grids in front of the feeder

SIEVE1500X30007,5-1000 rpm.100-150
HYDRO SILICONE26 Imported100-150
PUMP6/8 Imported7.5-1500 rpm550-600


  1. Is used for feeding materials in primary crushers.
  2. In primary crushers, bunker is required
  3. Equipped with a vibration motor.
  4. Can be two types – stationary or mobile.
  5. Used for feeding only dry inert materials.
  6. Screen allows the separation

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