Mobile Crushing Plants

Mobile crushing plants are versatile and flexible systems used in aggregate production, mining, and recycling industries. Unlike fixed crushing plants, they can be quickly moved between locations, making them ideal for short-term projects and situations where the material is sourced from different sites. These plants integrate crushers, screens, and conveyors into one mobile unit, providing a complete crushing and screening process. This mobility reduces the need for transportation of raw materials, thereby cutting down on costs and emissions. Mobile crushing plants are renowned for their ability to optimize the reduction and sizing of aggregate materials, making them highly efficient in producing the desired product size and shape.

Mobile crushing plants also excel in their adaptability to a wide range of working environments and material types. Whether it’s handling hard rock, recycled concrete, or sand and gravel, these plants can be tailored with various crushing and screening components to meet specific operational needs. Advanced control systems offer easy operation and adjustments, while their compact design aids in reducing the overall operational footprint. In addition to efficiency, these plants emphasize operator safety with features like emergency stop buttons and dust suppression systems. The combination of flexibility, efficiency, and safety makes mobile crushing plants a valuable asset in modern construction and mining operations, adapting to ever-changing industry demands.

“…non-stop support 24/7 to the customers.”

CONMACH is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers’ demands. Besides, the assembly and start up operations of the machines are performed by CONMACH’ s experienced technicians. The quality and quickness of after-sale service is a must for CONMACH. For this purpose, a special departmant just for after-sale has been established and this department supplies non-stop support 7×24 to the customers.

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