Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers are important machines in many fields, especially in the mining and aggregate processing industries. They work on the principle of crushing material between a fixed and a moving jaw to reduce its size. These robust machines are known for their ease of design and operation, as well as their durability and efficiency in crushing hard materials such as stone and ore. Jaw crushers come in various sizes and configurations, including single-joint and double-joint designs. The single-joint variant is preferred for its simplicity and low cost, while the double-joint design, which offers more crushing action, is ideal for harder materials and larger feed sizes. Jaw crushers are also praised for their ability to achieve a more uniform particle size distribution, making them indispensable for the production of consistent, high-quality aggregates.

Jaw crushers also provide a functional use in secondary crushing operations. Their versatility allows them to be used in different stages of crushing circuits, from initial size reduction to producing finer crushed products. The adjustable settings of jaw crushers give them the flexibility to adapt to various feed material sizes and desired output dimensions. This adaptability is particularly useful in recycling operations, where they can efficiently process a variety of materials, including concrete and asphalt debris. Furthermore, modern jaw crushers are designed with advanced technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact. Features such as hydraulic joint adjustment mechanisms and automatic control systems enhance the user experience, ensuring ease of maintenance and operation while delivering optimum crushing performance.

ModelMain Dimensoins (mm)Closed Side Setting min.-max. (mm)Motor Power (kW)Fly Wheel (d/dak)Capacity min.-max. (t/h)
PrimaryJC 60610x18040 - 13030 - 3733020 - 80
JC 90900x65070 - 18075 - 9029360 - 225
JC 1101100x850150 - 225110 - 132228200 - 350
JC 1401400x1100135 - 300200270290 - 500
SecondaryJC 600600x30018 - 7522333.8 - 75
JC 900900x200.11 - 553033050 - 75
JC 11001100x35020 - 1107548535 - 125

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