Paving stones are a durable material used for outdoor flooring. Due to their aesthetic appeal, they are an important raw material for the construction sector and are often preferred. They are especially used in sidewalks, roads, parks, and gardens.

Paving stones can be made of concrete, clay, composite, or natural stone. In urban landscape arrangements, paving stones, which are frequently chosen, are also quite resistant to wear and weather conditions. Paving stones can be found in various colors, sizes, and patterns.

Some of the applications of paving stones include:

  • Used in sidewalks, walking paths, and street floors.
  • Chosen for creating an aesthetic look in parks and gardens.
  • Provide a durable surface in vehicle parking areas.
  • Used in landscape design due to their availability in different colors and patterns.

Paving Stone Prices

The prices of paving stones can vary depending on the material, color, and pattern of the stone. There are many ways to supply paving stones for small-scale projects. However, for large-scale projects, sourcing from machines that produce paving stones can also be considered. Especially in the construction sector, as paving stones are an endless need, machines that ensure sustainability are more advantageous.

Paving stones can be produced in various models. The most commonly used paving stone models are:

Rectangular and Square Pavers

Provide a classic look. Generally used in sidewalks, plazas, and parking lots.

Interlocking Paving Stones

Interlock and fix in place due to their edges, do not move. Ideal for high-traffic roads.

Hexagonal Pavers

Offer a modern look. Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Grass Pavers

Have spaces that allow the growth of grass. Preferred in green areas.

Prism Paving Stone

Durable and also allows the soil to breathe, eco-friendly.

Mosaic and Multicolored Stones

Used in specially designed areas for their aesthetic and artistic appearance.

Eco Paving Stones

Made of sustainable materials with high water permeability, ideal for eco-friendly projects.

Interlocking Paving Stone Prices

Interlocking paving stones, which interlock and fix in place due to their special edge structures, are usually made of concrete and are quite durable due to their special structure. They have the potential to carry heavy loads. Moreover, they adapt to various design options with different colors, sizes, and patterns.

Interlocking paving stones can be laid easily and quickly. Especially suitable for areas with heavy vehicle traffic. They offer versatile use in walking paths, vehicle roads, parks, gardens, and many other outdoor spaces.

The prices of interlocking paving stones can vary depending on color, pattern, and size options. For more information on this subject, you can contact supplier companies.

Paving Stones