Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant is a facility that can be easily moved and produces concrete. These plants, which are capable of producing the concrete needed in the construction sector quickly and with high quality, have a relocatable structure. For this reason, they are preferred in many projects.

Mobile concrete batching plant allow for the rapid production of concrete in construction projects. They are particularly used in remote and challenging construction sites, road construction, bridge building, housing projects, and large construction sites. With mobile plants, it is possible to produce different mixtures of concrete according to the needs of the project.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Plants producing ready-mix concrete mix cement, water, and aggregate homogeneously. Different materials can be added to this mixture as needed, which is quite important in terms of sustainability. Additionally, due to their portability, mobile plants can be used in various regions and projects.

The stages of concrete production in mobile plants are:

  • First, raw material preparation is done. Materials like cement, water, and aggregate are mixed and stored.
  • Materials are taken to the mixing chamber in the correct sequence and are homogeneously mixed with a mixer.
  • When the concrete mixture is ready, it can be pumped directly to the construction site or transported by trucks.

In the past, concrete plants were produced as fixed and transported to the project site with 4-5 trucks. These plants were producing concrete without changing locations for many years. This situation made it difficult to access raw materials, thus extending the duration of projects. The increase in construction projects, the growing demand for concrete, and technological advancements have led construction companies to produce their own concrete.

As mobile plants are built on a portable main body, their transportation is quite easy. Moreover, these plants can be quickly set up. There is no need for a very large area to install a mobile plant. Portable plants can easily be used even in geographically challenging areas. Additionally, similar efficiency to fixed concrete plants can be achieved with a mobile concrete batching plant.

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Fixed concrete plants are mostly preferred in large-scale construction projects and infrastructure works. They have a considerably high concrete production capacity and are known for their high performance and durability. Compact plants are also used for industrial-scale concrete production. In terms of technical features and capacity, they are closer to fixed plants, and in terms of easy portability, closer to mobile plants.

Before purchasing a mobile plant, there are some considerations. Firstly, the needs of the project should be determined. A feasibility study should be conducted regarding whether the production capacity of mobile plants can meet the project’s needs. In cases where these plants are insufficient, alternatives with larger concrete capacity should be considered. Fixed and compact concrete plants can be preferred where mobile plants are inadequate.

What are the advantages of mobile concrete facilities?

  • Easy transportability speeds up the transportation processes.
  • Their quick setup allows for time savings.
  • These plants require less manpower.
  • Producing close to the project site prevents material waste.
  • Mobile plants enable more environmentally friendly production.
  • They can be used in different projects and reduce raw material costs in the long term.
Mobil Beton Santrali

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Prices

The prices of mobile concrete batching plants vary based on several factors. Prices are determined by the technical features, production capacity, and brand of the plant. Other factors that determine the prices of the plant include:

  • The amount of concrete the plant can produce per hour,
  • The plant’s automation systems and technological equipment,
  • Easy portability and quick setup capabilities.

Mobile plants that produce ready-mix concrete are very important for the construction sector. Investing in this area will provide significant advantages in the construction sector. Concrete is one of the raw materials of the construction sector and is an ever-present need. Meeting this need quickly saves time and labor.

How much does a concrete plant cost?

The concrete production capacity of mobile plants can vary from 30 to 100 cubic meters. These plants can easily meet the concrete needs of small and medium-sized construction projects. Their ability to be transported to other projects after completion and to produce concrete continuously also provides convenience. A model choice appropriate to the size and needs of the project to be used should be made. Because the investment in the concrete plant is very important for project efficiency.

To get pricing information on portable plants that produce concrete, it is useful to contact the manufacturing companies. This way, more detailed information about the capacities and technical features of the plants can be obtained.