Keystone is a commonly used paving material in the construction industry. These stones provide an easy-to-assemble and sturdy flooring due to their interlocking edges. When interlocking pavers are placed together, they create a tight structure with almost no gaps in between. This feature allows water to seep quickly below the surface, enhancing drainage capacity and preventing water pooling. Used frequently in roads, pedestrian paths, and park areas, interlocking pavers also contribute to the environment with their aesthetic appearance.

Keystone is an ideal choice for paving inner-city roads with high traffic. The durability and flexible structure of these stones provide resistance to ground movements, thus reducing the risk of cracking and damage. Additionally, interlocking pavers offer a variety of colors and patterns, providing aesthetically appealing solutions to city planners and architects. These stones are used in the design of public spaces such as sidewalks, squares, and seating areas, enhancing urban aesthetics and regulating pedestrian traffic.

Interlocking pavers are most commonly used in the following areas:

Frequently used in high-traffic areas like inner-city roads, streets, and car parking spaces, interlocking pavers provide a long-lasting and low-maintenance surface.

Commonly chosen for pedestrian paths, park pathways, and sidewalks. They are ideal for covering walking paths safely and aesthetically.

Used as flooring in city squares, parks, and other public spaces. These stones are chosen for both functional and decorative purposes.

Used in home gardens, parks, and landscaping for creating walking paths and seating areas. The variety of colors and patterns makes them easily adaptable to landscape designs.

Particularly used in private property for vehicle parking spaces and garage entrances. Interlocking pavers provide a durable and aesthetic solution for such applications.

In industrial facilities like factories and warehouses, load areas can be paved with interlocking pavers. These stones are designed to withstand heavy loads.


Keystone Prices

Tile stones, interlocking paving stones, and concrete paving options offer popular and practical solutions for covering outdoor floors. These materials are chosen for both aesthetic and functional reasons and are frequently used especially in garden arrangements and landscape projects. Interlocking pavers, particularly in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, are ideal due to their durability and easy maintenance.

In landscape design, curb stones are chosen to separate specific areas and provide a more orderly appearance. These stones are perfect for separating plant areas from walkways or grass areas. On the other hand, sidewalk stones are especially important for organizing public spaces, sidewalks, and streets.

Regarding prices, the cost of interlocking paving stone products varies depending on the type of material selected, its quality, and the amount used. High-quality materials and special designs can be more costly, but for those looking to save on maintenance costs and achieve an aesthetic appearance in the long term, this initial investment can be quite valuable.


Curb stones and similar flooring options are indispensable elements of landscape and outdoor designs in both private properties and public areas, offering ease of use and a variety of aesthetics. Prices should be evaluated according to the project budget and flooring needs, and comparisons should be made among the options.

Companies operating in the construction industry meet their raw material needs with brick machines. In these machines, besides bricks, molds can be changed to produce paving stones, curbs, sidewalks, and locks.

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