Crushing and Screening Plant

Crushing and screening plant is an industrial facility commonly used in sectors such as construction and mining. This facility, which is used to break down large stones and similar materials into smaller pieces, houses machines with different functions. It is suitable for large-scale construction and mining projects.

Crushing and screening plant is most commonly used in the mining and construction sectors, they are also used in waste management and recycling, industrial mineral, and cement production. These facilities are designed to operate at high capacity. They also include dust suppression systems to avoid causing environmental problems.

Screening And Crushing Plant

Crushing and screening plants break down large stones or ores into small pieces and make them available as raw material. Depending on the capacity and requirements of the project they will be used for, these facilities can have either stationary or mobile options.

The working principle and production stages of stone crushing plants are as follows:

  • First, the materials to be crushed (large stones, ores, etc.) are brought to the feeding point of the plant via trucks or pickups.
  • These materials are sent to a jaw crusher, which is a very powerful machine used for crushing large stones, and are broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Then, the materials are sent to a secondary crusher, known as a cone or impact crusher, for further reduction into smaller pieces.
  • The crushed materials are passed through screens and separated. The stones are classified according to their sizes after the screening process.
  • Some materials may require a washing stage. The washing process ensures that the materials are cleaner and of higher quality.
  • The ready-to-use raw materials are either stored or transported to the area where the project is located.
Crushing and Screening Plant

The capacities and features of stone crushing plants, also known as crushers, can vary from one another. These facilities can also include dust suppression and noise reduction systems in compliance with environmental regulations. For detailed information about the technologies and additional features of these facilities, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer.

Stone crushing machines can be designed in different models depending on their intended use and the capacity required by the project. Therefore, the needs of the project should first be identified, and a sector-specific feasibility study should be conducted. These facilities are designed to be either stationary or mobile.

Stationary Crushing and Screening Plant

Stationary crushing plants are used in material processing and production processes, especially in large-scale projects. These facilities operate at high capacity and are quite durable. Stationary plants, set up in a fixed location, provide efficient production for long-term projects. Their installation processes can be complex and costly, but they offer effective performance in the long term and under heavy-duty conditions.

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Mobile crusher plants are versatile machines used in aggregate production, mining, and recycling industries. They provide an advantage in terms of easy and quick mobility. This makes mobile plants ideal for short-term projects. The installation of these machines is easier and less costly. Additionally, with their optimized capabilities, they provide highly efficient production in sizing materials.

The right choice of stone crushing machine should be made according to the project’s needs. If the project is short-term or requires working in different project areas, mobile plants should be chosen for their easy portability. However, if the project is in the same area, is long-term, and requires high production capacities, installing a stationary crushing plant would be more advantageous.

Crushing and Screening Plant for Sale

To be a leader in the industry, quick and easy access to quality raw materials is of great importance. Stone crushing and screening plants meet the need for raw materials quickly and with high quality. Investment in these plants offers many advantages in both the short and long term. These facilities reduce costs and increase production efficiency by saving time and labor.

At the same time, production processes become safer with crushing and screening plant automation. The operation of the facility can be effectively managed with the support of the manufacturer in terms of installation and after-sales support. Modern facilities are equipped with the latest technology in central control systems, automatic settings, sensors and monitoring, energy management, safety, data analysis, and reporting processes.

The prices of the facilities vary according to their capacities, models, automation systems, and additional technologies. For information about the features of the machines, you can contact us through the CONMACH communication line.

Crushing and Screening Plant