Crane System

300-1200/2000 CCPM

300-1200/2000 CCPM Crane System Concrete Pipe Machine consists of inner and outer molds, plastering, sheet metal pallet and fiber head.

300-1200/2000 CCPM Technical Specifications

The 300-1200/2000 CCPM product is manually controlled. It is equipped with one 18 kW-3000 r/min vibrator motor, which ensures high performance and efficiency. It has a 200 liter hydraulic tank capacity. The hydraulic unit motor has a power ranging from 5.5 kW to 4 kW. The mortar car bunker motor has a power of 2 kW – 5.5 Kw. The electrical panel materials of this product are also very reliable; products of quality brands such as Telemecanique and Siemens are used.

600-2400/2000 CCPM

600-2400/2000 CCPM Crane System Concrete Pipe Machine; produces quality pipes with economical price. 600-2400/2000 CCPM Crane System Concrete Pipe Machine; molds are the same as our other model types. During the production phase, the filling of the molds is done by the baby band.

600-2400/2000 CCPM Technical Specifications

The 600-2400/2000 CCPM product has a manual control system. The vibrator motors have 22 Kw power and operate at 3000 rpm. Also, the hydraulic system of the product has a tank capacity of 300 liters. The hydraulic unit motor is equipped with motors that can operate at 7.5 kW and 5.5 kW power levels. The materials in the electrical panel are products of brands such as Telemecanique and Siemens, which represent the industry standard.

Сoncrete pipes machine with a crane system.
300-1200 / 2000 CCPB

Like other models of Conmach machines, this model of concrete pipes machine must be hydraulically lubricated. The moulds of our machine consist of internal and external mold, plastering, sheet pan and fiber cap.

Concrete pipePress/unitProduction/day
600-2400/2000 CCPM

Production of high-quality concrete pipes with a cheap, economical price is carried out using Conmach concrete pipe machine, with a hydraulic lubrication system. Concrete pipe moulds with a crane system consist of an internal and external mould, plastering and fiber cap, just like our other models. During production, the filling of moulds is carried out by a belt conveyor. The product properties produced by this machine  are shown in the table.

Concrete pipePress/unitProduction per day
600-2400/2000 CCPM Technical Features
ControlManuel2 units
Vibration motor22 Kw-3000 d/min 2 units-
Hydraulic tank capacity300 lt-
Hydraulic tank motor7,5 Kw – 5,5 Kw-
Morter hopper motor5,5 Kw-
Electrical componentsTelemecanique, Siemens-

“…non-stop support 24/7 to the customers.”

CONMACH is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers’ demands. Besides, the assembly and start up operations of the machines are performed by CONMACH’ s experienced technicians. The quality and quickness of after-sale service is a must for CONMACH. For this purpose, a special departmant just for after-sale has been established and this department supplies non-stop support 7×24 to the customers.

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