Concrete Machine

As an indispensable part of today’s construction industry, concrete machine is one of the cornerstones of modern construction. These machines, which perform operations such as mixing, transporting and pouring concrete with great speed and efficiency, have a wide range of applications from high-rise buildings to infrastructure projects. Especially in large-scale construction projects, it significantly reduces construction costs by saving time and labour.

Concrete machine has evolved into much more functional and environmentally friendly models with the development of technology. In addition to conventional mixers, pumps and concrete distributors, there are now smart machines with remote control and automatic dosing. This has improved the quality of concrete, minimised labour errors and maximised the lifespan of structures. In order to meet the ever-increasing quality and safety standards in the construction industry, concrete machines continuously offer innovative solutions.

Concrete, one of the indispensables of the construction industry, is among the most important materials that form the basis of buildings. The concrete machine, which guarantees a homogeneous mixture of concrete and a quality application, is indispensable in this process.

Importance of Concrete Machine

Concrete is a building material obtained by mixing materials such as water, cement and aggregate in certain proportions. For quality concrete, this mixture must be made homogeneous and in the right proportions. This is where the concrete machine comes into play. The quality of the mixture directly affects the durability of the building elements, so the choice of concrete machine should be made with great care.

Concrete Machine Types and Usage Areas

Concrete machines differ according to the area where they are used and the capacity needed. Mixers, pumps and mixers are the main types of concrete machines. While compact concrete mixers are preferred for small-scale works, higher capacity and automatic systems stand out in large-scale projects. When choosing, factors such as working environment, mobility needs and mixing capacity should be taken into consideration.

Concrete Machine

Things to Consider When Buying Concrete Machine

The most important points to consider when buying a quality concrete machine are the following:

Capacity: Choosing a machine suitable for the size of your project increases efficiency in terms of both time and cost.

Durability: Concrete machines work under heavy conditions. Therefore, it is important that it is made of wear-resistant materials.

Technology: Automatic control systems improve the quality of the mix and minimise operator errors.

Energy Efficiency: Low energy consuming machines reduce your operating costs.

Spare Parts and Service: Easily accessible spare parts and a reliable service network are essential to get your business back on track quickly in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Concrete Machine Maintenance and Lifetime

Regular maintenance is essential for the long life of the concrete machine. Cleaning, lubrication and timely replacement of wearing parts of the machine are necessary to maintain its performance and prevent failures.

Concrete machine is one of the cornerstones of the construction industry and the right choice directly affects the quality and safety of the structures. When choosing a machine, technical features as well as after-sales services should not be ignored.

“…non-stop support 24/7 to the customers.”

CONMACH is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers’ demands. Besides, the assembly and start up operations of the machines are performed by CONMACH’ s experienced technicians. The quality and quickness of after-sale service is a must for CONMACH. For this purpose, a special departmant just for after-sale has been established and this department supplies non-stop support 7×24 to the customers.

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