Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine is a facility that produces raw materials for the construction industry. In this machine, production of paving stones, curbstones, and concrete blocks can be done using different molds and mixtures. Thanks to this machine, construction projects can be completed more quickly.

Brick making machine saves labor and time. It can produce in different capacities according to the needs of the sector. It also comes in three different models: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Investing in a brick machine provides significant advantages for the sector. It functions like a factory in terms of meeting the demand for raw materials quickly and with quality. Its portability is also important for the sustainability of production. Brick machines with a wide production capacity are used in long-term construction projects and large construction sites.

The products that can be produced with brick machines include:

Paving stone
Concrete block

Brick Making Machine Prices

The price of a brick machine is determined by the model, production capacity, and brand of the machine. Manual brick machines are affordable as they require more human labor. However, machines, especially those produced with the latest technologies, can operate fully automatically and do not need human labor. This makes the production process faster and of higher quality. When buying a brick machine, the needs of the project should be evaluated and the features of the machines should be examined.

Manual Brick Machine

These machines require human labor, so their production capacity is less compared to others. They can be preferred by small-scale enterprises. These machines can produce up to 1000 bims bricks per day.

Semi-Automatic Brick Machine

In the semi-automatic machine, some processes are automated, but human intervention is essential during the production process. However, its production capacity is more than that of a manual machine. An average of 6000 paving stones can be produced per day. It can be preferred for medium-scale projects.

Automatic Brick Machine

The automatic brick machine automates all stages of production. This provides the possibility of mass production. Therefore, it is more suitable for large-scale projects. It meets the demand for raw materials quickly and with quality. At least 18,000 concrete blocks can be produced with automatic brick machines.

Brick Machines for Sale

Buying a brick machine offers many advantages in the short and long term. Before buying a machine, the needs of the enterprise should be determined, and a machine with the capacity to meet these needs should be chosen. You can contact CONMACH representatives to get detailed information about the features and prices of the machines.

Brick Making Machine