Brick machine is a machine that compresses a mortar prepared with cement, water, and aggregate to form concrete blocks. These compressed blocks, called bricks, are commonly used in the construction sector, particularly in building and concrete wall construction.

Brick machine comes in various sizes and capacities. The design of brick machines can vary depending on the sector in which they will be used, the needs of the sector, or the materials to be used. By changing molds in brick machines, the production of pavement stones, curbstones, and concrete blocks can also be achieved. These machines are classified into manual, semi-automatic, and automatic brick machines based on their usage in the field.

Semi-Automatic Brick Machine

Brick machines have similar working systems, but they are named differently based on the degree of reliance on human labor. Different molds can be used in these machines to produce brick bricks in different sizes and shapes.

The general features of these machines are as follows:

Brick Machine

This machine requires more human labor compared to others. It is preferred by smaller-scale businesses and can produce an average of 1000 units per day.

In semi-automatic brick machines, some processes occur automatically, but there is still a need for human labor, particularly in the removal, transportation, and stacking of bricks after production. These machines are more suitable for medium-scale businesses and can produce at least 6000 units per day, depending on the machine’s capacity.

In this type of brick machine, all stages of production occur automatically without the need for human labor. This machine is used by large-scale businesses and enables mass production. With these machines, a minimum of 18,000 units can be produced daily, and this number can reach up to 33,000 depending on the capacity of the machine.

Paver Brick Machine

A paver brick machine is a type of brick machine commonly used to produce materials such as pavement stones or similar structures. These machines are specialized in producing uniform and durable paver brick blocks using a concrete mix. Additionally, they are used for producing curbstones and various concrete blocks. These machines come in various models with different features and functions.

Paver brick machines can be used to produce various construction materials such as concrete blocks, curbstones, interlocking pavers, lightweight concrete blocks, bricks, and concrete blocks. Using these machines, ready-mix concrete can be processed, and manufacturing can be achieved by pouring it into the desired mold.

How to Make Concrete Bricks?

Depending on the type of brick to be produced, mix water, cement, and aggregate

Homogenize the prepared mortar through a mixer or a brick machine

Transfer the mortar to the machine’s bucket through a conveyor belt

Mold the brick by pouring the mortar into the molds

Compress the bricks through the pressing process

After these processes, the ready bricks are placed on pallets

These pallets are then transported by forklifts to a waiting area for drying

These pallets are then transported by forklifts to a waiting area for drying

Once dried, the bricks are packaged and ready for sale

For Sale Brick Machine

Brick machines provide high efficiency in the production of concrete blocks and paver stones, making them a powerful option for meeting the production needs of the construction industry. Particularly for large-scale businesses, these machines significantly increase production efficiency. Factories that manufacture brick machines can be contacted to purchase machines tailored to specific needs. Custom designs and productions can be arranged based on customer demands. The installation of the machines is typically performed by experienced technicians and engineers.

What Is a Brick Machine Used For?

Purchasing a brick machine is advantageous for long-term savings in labor and time. Depending on the needs of the sector and the production capacity of the business, contacting facilities that manufacture machines is recommended to determine which machine is more suitable. For information about the technical specifications and capacities of the products, contacting facilities specializing in the production of concrete brick machines and requesting price quotes is a viable option.

Brick Machine

Brick Machine Prices

Brick machine prices vary based on factors such as the type of machine, power consumed per unit time, production volume, and the procurement process for raw materials. Machines offered at different price points and with various working principles are available, accommodating many budgets.

Especially in automatic brick machines, additional features such as mixer specifications, conveyor belt features, and optional extras like pallet collecting cars or stackers are designed to increase the efficiency of construction projects. These machines have additional motors and hydraulic pumps for full automatic operation. These technological features can increase the prices of the machines.

In general, brick making machine prices will vary according to the processing volume of the chosen brick production facility and the technological features of the machine. For information about the technologies and prices of the machines, it is recommended to contact CONMACH through the communication line, where information about the desired machine can be obtained and price quotes can be requested.