300-1200/2000 CPM

The 300-1200/2000 CPM concrete pipe machine is characterized by its hydraulic lubrication. It is known for its ability to produce with a large capacity ranging from Ø300mm to Ø1200mm. The molds of this machine are designed in accordance with the standards and include components such as inner and outer mold, plastering, sheet pallet and fiber head. This concrete pipe machine can be shaped according to customer requirements and is capable of producing concrete pipes with a height range from 1000 mm to 2000 mm. The production information of this machine, which offers many capabilities together, is as follows.

300-1200/2000 CPM can produce in various sizes and quantities. In 2 presses, it has the capacity to produce concrete pipes in different sizes such as Ø300 mm diameter 150 pieces, Ø400 mm diameter 120 pieces, Ø500 mm diameter 100 pieces, Ø600 mm diameter 80 pieces, Ø800 mm diameter 60 pieces, Ø1000 mm diameter 50 pieces and Ø1200 mm diameter 40 pieces. In this way, it offers concrete pipe solutions suitable for various projects and is a flexible and reliable source of solutions to meet industrial needs.

Concrete pipe machine, which is distinguished by its hydraulic lubrication system, produces concrete pipes with a diameter of Ø300mm-Ø1200.

The patterns of this model and our other model are the same.

Concrete pipe moulds – external mould, internal mold, pastering.

Conmach concrete pipe machine is designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Our machine produces Ø 300 mm-Ø1200 mm in this model, and the height of concrete pipes is from 1000 mm to 2000 mm, which allows you to produce pipes with high density. Examples are given in the table.

Concrete pipePress/unitProduction/day

“…non-stop support 24/7 to the customers.”

CONMACH is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers’ demands. Besides, the assembly and start up operations of the machines are performed by CONMACH’ s experienced technicians. The quality and quickness of after-sale service is a must for CONMACH. For this purpose, a special departmant just for after-sale has been established and this department supplies non-stop support 7×24 to the customers.

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