CONMACH Machinery Chairman Mehmet Oflaz shared the news, that they have created another mobile concrete plant in the international construction sector. The company is always open to innovation to create designs of the machines,  that will meet all customer needs. Nigeria is one of the African countries with a thriving construction sector. We constantly exchange ideas with construction companies located in this region. One of the companys  is a company GTTERRACOM located in Enugu. We maintain friendly relations with the company for more than ten years. Earlier, our company created for them a machine for the production of concrete briquettes and blocks, so that they could carry out high-quality mass production. The customer visited our factory located in Istanbul / Turkey in June and became our guest.


We have renewed our long-standing friendship and achieved another victory in our country's economy.   The Chairman of the Board GTTERRACOM, who said that Enugu will continue to work with the brand CONMACH, said that shortcomings in the construction sector of the region considerably decreased in numbers, thanks to the machines of the CONMACH company, mass production of concrete blocks. This time we have developed a project of Mobile concrete plant for more productive manufacturing on construction sites, without unnecessary costs. We provided to the Gtterracom company the Project, that we have developed in July. This will significantly increase productivity.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors CONMACH Mehmet Oflaz expressed gratitude to the representatives GTTERRACOМ, and said that together we can achieve great success. We have completed the production process of a compact mobile concrete plant. A team of specialists checked the machine at our factory. Also the buyer asked us to make some non-standard additions. After completing, mobile concrete plant will be delivered to the company GTTERRACOM.The compact mobile concrete plant, the additions were completed in a short time, was delivered to Enugu city in Nigeria. We thank GTTERRACOM, its respected leadership, because they are became again part of the family CONMACH.