Nigeria and Ghana Exports

Concrete block machine exports continue at full speed.

Concrete block machine exports continue at full speed Conmach Machinery completed its exports to Somalia and Cameroon in the first month of 2023 with a feverish effort to break the 2022 export record it left behind. Our company, which produces solutions to the demands of concrete block manufacturers, is on its way to freshen the record with its exports to Ghana and Nigeria on the fifteenth day of February 2023. Both of our exports departed from Istanbul Ambarlı port on different days. The Block Machine BlockKing-09MS will complete its Ghana voyage in Tema port. The BlockKing-36MS model will complete its journey in the port of Lagos. Machinery equipment will be assembled by our team with the quality and assurance of our company.

Concrete block machine BlockKing-09MS Ghana journey

The concrete block machine BlockKing-09MS was shipped with 7 briquette molds, 2 paving stone molds, 2 conveyor belts, one mixer, four trolleys for collecting wet products and 500 pallets on its journey to Ghana. The semi-automatic working system has the following production capacities with a mixer output of 0.15m3.

230x230x400 mm (9 inch) Block Capacity / 3 units/press 3.000 units/shift

200x200x400 mm (8 inch)  Block Capacity / 3 units/press 3.000 units/shift

150x200x400 mm (6 inch)  Block Capacity / 4 units/press 4.000 units/shift

125x200x400 mm (5 inch)  Block Capacity / 5 units/press 5.000 units/shift

100x200x400 mm (4 inch)  Block Capacity / 6 units/press 6.000 units/shift

Paving Stone Capacity 0.25 m2/press 275 m2/shift

Curb Stone Capacity 2-3 units/press 1.750 – 2.500 units/shift