Mobile Concrete Batching Plant of 60,


Conmach Machinery, which exports concrete briquette machine, concrete paving machine and mold, pallet and spare parts of these machines, has expanded its export network with concrete batching plants. The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant of 60, which was carefully manufactured in our factory facilities, set out to be sent to one of the African countries whıch ıs the Republic of Mali.

It was designed by mechanical engineers who are experts in the field of mobile concrete batching plant which is an engineering wonder. In the manufacturing process, engineers, technicians, craftsmen and workers combined with this wonderful work whıch was created. Quality is emphasized with the use of first class materials. Made for use in harsh winter days and outdoor conditions .

60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant was transported from our factory facilities with tow truck and sent to GEMPORT port from Istanbul to be delivered to its buyers. The vessel RORO, which will depart from here, will reach DAKAR port in Senegal to act as the intermediary for the 60 Mobile Concrete Plant to reach the Republic of Mali.