MOB-30 on the roads of the capital Sofia

MOB-30 on the roads of the capital Sofia

Concrete processings is one of the important processes required for construction projects. Without effective concrete processing, any construction project can become inefficient and time-consuming. At this point, we can consider MOB-30, the mobile concrete batching plant. A state-of-the-art concrete processing machinery can greatly improve the effectiveness and timing of construction projects. And the Conmach MOB-30 concrete batching plant model is one of the most effective solutions in this field.


Recently, the MOB-30 Mobile concrete batching plant from the Conmach factory building in Çorlu set off towards Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Having the best machines in its class, the MOB-30 is equipped with a 0.5 m3 pan mixer and a 2 x 10 m3 aggregate hopper. The ability of MOB-30 to complete large-scale construction projects quickly has made the importance of such innovative and efficient plants in the modern concrete production industry indisputable.


In parallel with the developing technology and changing needs, the concrete production sector is in a continuous renewal and development process. High-capacity and featured mobile concrete batching plants such as MOB-30 are of great importance due to their high production volume and capacity to meet the needs of projects spanning a wide area. MOB-30, a mobile concrete batching plant of Conmach brand, total capacity: 30 m3, mixer 750/500 l motor power: 37 kW, Weighing conveyor: Width: 700 mm, length: 12.500 mm, motor power 7.5 kW, Total engine power Standard 54 kw, Cement screw Diameter: 168 mm, length: 5.500 mm, motor power: 4 kW, Cement silo (ops.) Capacity: 50- 75 tons 1 Compressor, Capacity: 200 lt/min, working pressure: 4-6 bar, motor power 2.2 kW Water pump, Pump: 40 m3/hour motor power: 1.6 kW, Additive pump: Pump: 5 m3/hour, motor power: 0.37 kW.



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