Crushing and Screening Plants

Crushing and Screening Plants

Conmach is a Turkey-based industrial equipment manufacturer and has many different product lines, including crusher plants. Conmach crusher plants are high quality crushers and screening equipment used mainly in the mining, quarrying and building materials industries. These plants are designed to process hard materials such as stone, rock, coal, and break materials into smaller sizes by breaking them into pieces of various sizes.


What are Conmach Crusher Plant Products

"Jaw Crushers", which are among the durable products that enable the crushing of hard materials, "primary impact crushers" specially produced for hard-to-use hard stones, "impact crushers" with versatile crushing capacities, "vibrating screens" that allow the sieving of more than one substance at the same time, "Tertiary crushers", which produce materials with 0.5 mm density, and "vertical shaft crushers", which are used to break medium-sized hard abrasive quarry and stream materials are among the products. Belt conveyors among our other products are used for all kinds of feed stock and truck loading. Feeder bunkers, on the other hand, are used in facilities that purify foreign bodies and sieving sand. Spiral scrubbers are preferred to separate the materials in soil, clay and fine materials in materials obtained from various quarries and mines. Bucket scrubbers, on the other hand, clean and recycle the fine sand dragged from the sieve. The dewatering sieve performs the washing and cleaning process by separating the material up to 50 microns from other materials. Finally, the primary hoppers and feeders, which are used to feed materials to the primary crushers, are also among the products of our company.

Features of Conmach Crusher Plant

Our company manufactures products such as construction equipment, concrete block machine, concrete pipe machine, concrete plants and crushing-screening plants used in various industries. Conmach crusher plants are one of these products and are available in various models with different features. The features of Conmach crusher plants can be summarized as follows: Conmach crusher plants are produced in capacities ranging from 30 tons/hour to 500 tons/hour. We offer our customers different types of crushers, including hammer crushers and jaw crushers. The crushers have a solid body using high quality steel. Conmach crusher plants have fully automatic systems for the crushing-screening process. Some models of our products have portable features for transportation and storage, and the engine power of the crushers varies depending on the production capacity. Conmach crusher plants can be equipped with different automation options such as automatic control systems and automation software. As a company, we offer spare parts and service support for crusher plants.


These features make Conmach crusher plants a viable option for a variety of construction projects. However, in order to determine which model is best suited for a particular project, project needs and requirements must be considered first.



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