Conmach Bulgaria in Razgrad Zavut town

Conmach Bulgaria in Razgrad / Zavut town

The construction companies that produce concrete blocks, operating in the construction sectors of Bulgaria, where capital and labor are concentrated, are trying to reach higher technologies day by day. One of these enterprises, a concrete block production factory operating in Zavut town of Razgrad province, brought the state-of-the-art Conmach brand BLOCKKING-09MD model concrete block making machine into operation. Razgrad is a province of Bulgaria that has taken important steps towards economic and environmental sustainability. The use of concrete blocks is a product that makes great contributions to nature and economy. It is obtained as a result of processing and compaction of sand, cement, water, chemicals and other components.

Economic Production Process

The BLOCKKING-09MD model briquette machine has a production structure that is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly. The concrete block machine mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 trolleys for collecting wet products, 200 wooden pallets, 2 interlocking pavingstone molds and 1 briquette mold were sent to the Bulgarian town of Zavut with a total of 3 molds. The town of Zavut is one of the most active building and construction materials production centers in Razgrad Province. This region, which has grown rapidly in recent years, has started to adopt energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production techniques. The Conmach BLOCKKING-09MD block making machine was an ideal investment in the town of Zavut as it was a technology that supported these efforts. Conmach briquette machine, which can achieve high compression capacity, provides excellent results in the production of concrete blocks and paving stones, and offers a faster and more economical production process.


Conmach BLOCKKING-09MD Production Capacity

  BLOCKKING-09MD model block making machine with semi-automatic working system production capacity 230x230x400 mm (9 inch) Block Capacity / 3 pcs/press 3,000 pcs/shift, 200x200x400 mm (8 inch) Block Capacity / 3 pcs/press 3,000 pcs/shift, 150x200x400 mm (6 inch) Block Capacity / 4 pcs/press 4.000 pcs/shift ,125x200x400 mm (5 inch) Block Capacity / 5 pcs/press 5.000 pcs/shift, 100x200x400 mm (4 inch) Block Capacity / 6 pcs/press 6.000 pcs/shift, Pavingstone Capacity 0.25 m2/press275 m2/shift, Curbstone Capacity 2-3 pcs/press 1.750 – 2.500 pcs/shift.


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