Cameroon Journey

Cameroon journey of the Concrete Block Making Machine 

On the last day of January 2023, we exported our BlockKing-25MS machine model to Cameroon on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, after the double mortar car machine model BlockKing-12MD Concrete block making machine, which was exported to the city of Garowe Somalia. The block machine equipment, which was transported from our factory building to the port of Ambarli with a tow truck, was sent to Douala port, which is the largest port of Cameroon, and the journey of the block machine to Cameroon began. Among the equipment going in the container are the machine main chassis, 0.5 m3 mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 trolleys, 3 block moulds and 1 hollow block mould.

What is BlockKing-25MS Production Capacity?

 BlockKing-25MS, one of our machine models without automatic weighing system, draws attention with its features. The production capacity of our machine, which is preferred by concrete block producers according to its production capacity, is as follows. 230x230x400 mm (9 inch) block capacity 8 units 8.000 units/shift, 200x200x400 mm (8 inch) block capacity 10 units/press 10.000 units/shift, 150x200x400 mm (6 inch) block capacity 12 units/press 12.000 units/shift, 125x200x400 mm (5 inch) block capacity 14 units/press 14.000 units/shift,100x200x400 mm (4 inch) block capacity 18 units/press 18,000 units/shift, Paving stones capacity 0.7 m2 / press 775 m2/shift, Curb stone capacity 4- 10 units / press 4,000-10,000 units/shift.

Block Machine What is BlockKing-25MS Features?

The concrete block making machine shipped to Cameroon is known for its resistance to weather conditions, like our other model ranges. If we talk briefly about the features of our machine, the pallet size is 95cmX115cmX40mm, the block mold pressing thickness is 15-20 mm, the parquet mold pressing thickness is 10-12 mm. The mixer outlet volume is 0.5 m3 and 8 mm st52 carbon steel is used for the body sheet, and 10 mm ST52 and Hardox 400 are used for the wear sheets. The rubber size of the conveyor belt in the container moving towards Cameroon Douala port is 60 cm X 15 m - 18 m.

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