BlockKing-36MD Started Pavingstone Production.

BlockKing-36MD Started Pavingstone Production.


Hello dear readers, today I would like to give you information about the Conmach Blockking-36MD model Concrete Block Machine, which operates in the Logos region of Nigeria and has just started pavingstone production. This machine aims to revolutionize the industry. This machine, which draws attention with its superior technology and durability, aims to accelerate the production of pavingstones in the region and to increase the quality. In this blog post, we will discuss the features, operation and benefits of the Blockking-36MD Concrete Block Machine in detail. If you want to join this exciting journey with us, read on.


Blockking-36MD Concrete Block Machine is a special machine used in the production of concrete blocks. This machine; It stands out in the sector with its durability, high performance and quality results. The block machine, which operates with a hydraulic pump flow rate of 80 liters per minute in the semi-automatic working system, has a 15 kW hydraulic pump motor. Blockking-36MD has a large production capacity and realizes its 9 inch block capacity as 10 press and 10,000 shifts. While the paving stone capacity is 1300 m2 in 1 m2 press, the curbstone has the ability to produce 5-12 units of press 5000-12000 units/shift concrete blocks.


The design of the machine is user-friendly and has been specially thought for the operators to use it easily. All control mechanisms are located in such a way that the operator can easily reach them. Finally, the Blockking-36MD is very easy to maintain and repair. Parts of the machine can be easily changed when necessary. This allows possible faults to be rectified quickly and effectively. Conmach Concrete Block Machine Blockking-36MD has become one of the most preferred machines in concrete block production with these features. The working mechanism of the machine is based on the hydraulic pressure system. This system ensures the formation of blocks by compressing the concrete into the molds under high pressure. The hydraulic pressure system increases the density and durability of the blocks, thus increasing the quality of the concrete blocks produced.


Finally, Blockking-36MD also excels in energy efficiency. The machine has been specially designed to provide maximum performance with minimum energy usage. This both lowers energy costs and reduces the impact on the environment. Blockking-36MD Concrete Block Machine also plays a key role in paving stone production. This machine is capable of producing paving stones of various shapes and sizes as well as standard concrete blocks. Pavingstone production is often a complex process and requires high precision. But thanks to Blockking-36MD's advanced technology and automatic control system, this process has been simplified. The machine automatically prepares the concrete mix and pours it into the molds. Then, the hydraulic pressure system comes into play and compresses the concrete under high pressure, causing the formation of paving Stones


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