An Export Move

Conmach, which continues to make export moves, continues to grow in the international market and takes various steps to sell its products abroad. Company produces many construction equipment such as concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, stone crushing plants, cement silos, concrete block and brick machines. The company exports its products to many different countries. Conmach's export moves are designed to increase the quality of its products, increase their awareness around the world and enter different markets. While exporting, the company takes care to ensure that its products comply with international standards and service quality. The company is known worldwide for its production capacity and quality in many sectors such as construction equipment. Finally, the export of MOB-30 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant was carried out by the company to the African country Benin. 

MOB-30 Technical Specifications

In March 2023, a mobile MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant used for small-scale construction projects was shipped to the port of Cotonou, Benin. Today, we are experiencing the joy of exporting a second product with the same characteristics. The use of mobile power plants is quite common in developing countries such as Benin. Conmach brand and quality are among the preferred concrete plant companies in the country. A MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant, which the company exports, has a capacity of 30 m3 /hour; It has technical features such as aggregate bunker, pan type mixer, transmixer conveyor, weighing conveyor, cement screw, cement silo, compressor, water pump, additive pump.  Depending on the customer's request, pan and planetary mixer options and the number of aggregate bunkers can vary in product design.

MOB-30 Sent to Benin

A MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant has been shipped to Cotonou Port for the second time, one month apart, for use on a construction project in Benin. The MOB -30 model is a plant that can produce 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Being mobile provides ease and flexibility of relocation in construction projects. Therefore, it is preferred for projects that require high volume concrete production. Moreover, the MOB -30 concrete batching plant is designed for the production of high quality concrete and can be customized according to customer requirements. The reason why the MOB -30 concrete batching plant is preferred for construction projects in Benin may be that it has a high concrete production capacity and provides high quality concrete production. In addition, being mobile facilitates the transportation of construction materials in the project area and reduces labor costs.

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