A Concrete Block Star in Garowe

A Concrete Block Star in Garowe

A breakthrough in the concrete block industry, the Conmach BLOCKKING-12MD model concrete block production machine is taking its targets to the next level and experiencing the joy of starting production of its new machines in Garowe, Somalia. It is seen that the concrete block producer in the city of Garowe is frequently mentioned in the sector, where the star of the concrete block producer will shine in a short time. Transported by sea freight, BLOCKKING-12MD has a remarkable collection of equipment in Garowe, Somalia. Equipped with a total of 10 concrete block molds, including 1 mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 trolleys, 3 block molds, 2 curb molds and 5 pavingstone molds, this machine can produce all kinds of concrete moulds required by the industry has a suitable structure.


BLOCKKING-12MD's presence in Garowe creates new job opportunities for the local workforce and also ensures the supply of quality concrete blocks for the structures and structures that make up Garowe's surroundings. In addition to this machine, a production line has been opened in case of any possibility regarding a highly durable, functional and aesthetic concrete block. In Garowe's rapidly developing urban fabric, BLOCKKING-12MD sets a new standard in concrete block production. The machine is committed to establishing and maintaining an environmentally sound production process, while getting things done quickly and efficiently.


As a result, BLOCKKING-12MD is rising as a star in the concrete block industry. The city of Garowe has quickly recognized and embraced the capabilities and benefits of this machine. Going forward, the impact of Conmach Concrete Block Machine BLOCKKING-12MD will continue to be felt not only in Somalia but also in the global concrete block industry. Concrete block production is stepping into a new era with BLOCKKING-12MD. Our machine, which draws attention with its production capacity; 230x230x400 mm (9 inch / 3 pcs/press 3,000 pcs/shift, 200x200x400 mm 8 inch) / 4 pcs/press 4,000 pcs/shift, 150x200x400 mm 6 inch) / 5 pcs/press 5,000 pcs/shift, 125x200x400 mm 5 inch) / 6 pcs/press 6.000 pcs/shift,100x200x400 mm (4 inch) / 7 pcs/press 7.000 pcs/shift, Pavingstone Capacity 0.325 m2/press/ 350 m2/shift, Curbstone Capacity 3-4 pcs/press 3,000– It is 4,000 units/shift.




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