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We manufacture and export the Block, Paving Stone and Curb Machine and the molds of these machines. Our company; was established in 1993 to contribute to the development of the construction industry and to respond to the needs of concrete block producers. Since then, our customers have continued to grow to include large multinational construction companies, medium-sized construction companies and other customer groups.

We are here to serve you. We know how important quality and reliability are to your business. As a manufacturer of Concrete Block Molds, we take care that all the products we offer are of the highest quality and reasonable price, and we ensure that your needs can reach you when needed.


Conmach; Thanks to the service of Concrete Block Machines, concrete block molds and other equipment, it gained the trust of its customers and strengthened its international reference network with its wide customer portfolio. We manufacture and export the Block, Paving Stone and Curb machines and the molds of these machines in more than fifty countries in four continents. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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