Concrete Pipe Machine

Concrete manhole base machine.

Concrete manhole base machine.

Our factory, located in Corlu/ Tekirdag, continues to manufacture construction equipment, including concrete manhole machine and concrete manhole base machine. This machine is used for the production of products such as concrete pipes, manhole, manhole base, concrete rings with a height of 1000 mm with dimensions of Ø300 mm and Ø1200 mm.

Machine automation system is designed by CONMACH engineers and is designed for easy use by the operator. The vibration system of our machine is liquid oily and has a closed cycle. This feature is designed for highly efficient production. The use of sheet metal, such as cold-resistant ST52-ST44-Hardox, is preferred at the production stage. The bearings inside the vibrator are resistant to wear and high temperatures.

• 620 conical chimney elements, transitions / produces 80 units per day.

* 1000 mm rings / produces 60 units. in the day.

* 1200 mm rings / produces 50 units per day.

Сoncrete mortar is supplied into the mold using a rotary hopper, and the finished concrete products are removed using a crane.

Сoncrete pipes machine with a crane system.

300-1200 / 2000 CCPB

Like other models of Conmach machines, this model of concrete pipes machine must be hydraulically lubricated. The moulds of our machine consist of internal and external mold, plastering, sheet pan and fiber cap. 

600-2400/2000 CCPM

Production of high-quality concrete pipes with a cheap, economical price is carried out using Conmach concrete pipe machine, with a hydraulic lubrication system. Concrete pipe moulds with a crane system consist of an internal and external mould, plastering and fiber cap, just like our other models. During production, the filling of moulds is carried out by a belt conveyor. The product properties produced by this machine  are shown in the table.

Fiber Cap

Fiber cap

Using a fiber cap in concrete pipe machine ensures high quality of concrete products. Fiber cap is made up of two forms. External part for fixing the rod with a vibrator, pressing basket with a fiber cap. The purpose of using fiber cap is to ensure the extraction of quality products while maintaining the roundness of the products coming out of the machine. Fiber caps have the required diameter, thickness and strength.



Conmach Machinery is engaged in the production of concrete pipe machine, concrete manhola machine, concrete manhole base machine, fiber cap and pallets etc. Concrete pallets with a diameter of Ø150 mm-Ø3600 mm, used as auxiliary concrete pipe and manhole machines are manufactured in our factory. Two types of pallets are produced. These are pallets that are compatible with built-in pallets.

Concrete Manhole Base Machine.

Concrete Manhole Base Machine.

Vibrating table, external mould and internal mold, pallets, fiber cap are all components of the concrete manhole base machine. Machine is used for the production of concrete chimneys, concrete manhole base of the size Ø1000-Ø1200. The vibrating table for manhole base has a vertical level adjustment, which contributes to easy and fast operation of the equipment.

Internal and external mouldes are pre-locked and filled in with the base element in the process.


Prefabricated installation for support elements

The prefabricated installation for manhole base consists of a vibrating table, internal and external mouldes of manhole base, input and output pallets and concrete feed bins. Manhole bases produced with this machine are manufactured in such a way as to provide a sealed insert into concrete manhole base with a diameter of 1000 and 1200 mm.

Prefabricated installations for the production of manhole base with different diameters at the input and output in four directions provide fast and economical production. The vibrator table is level-adjustable in the vertical direction. Internal and external mouldes are first fixed on top of each other, then fixed on the table and filled with the main element used in production (wide side).

Concrete Pipe Machine

150-800/1500 CPM

Conmach concrete pipe machine has a hydraulic lubrication system. Capacity is between Ø150mm-Ø800mm. Concrete pipe moulds consist of three parts. External mould, Internal mould, Fiber cap.

In this model of Conmach concrete pipe making machines, the length of the concrete pipe is 1500 mm-Ø800, and the concrete pipes are transported by a hydraulic transport trolley. Large diameter concrete pipes are transported by a forklift.

Conmach also produces  concrete pipes machine Ø300 mm-Ø1200 mm, the height of concrete pipes from 1000 mm to 2000 mm. Pipes produced by our machine are as follows.

300-1200/2000 CPM


Concrete pipe machine, which is distinguished by its hydraulic lubrication system, produces concrete pipes with a diameter of Ø300mm-Ø1200. The patterns of this model and our other model are the same. Concrete pipe moulds - external mould, internal mold, pastering.

Conmach concrete pipe machine is designed according to the customer's requirements. Our machinet produces Ø 300 mm-Ø1200 mm in this model, and the height of concrete pipes is from 1000 mm to 2000 mm, which allows you to produce pipes with high density.