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Our company, which adheres to its principles, has managed to win the trust of customers. Conmach, a manufacturer of concretes blocs making machines, concrete pipes, concrete plants, crushers and mobile concrete plants, which are always in line with innovation, has become the preferred brand for its stable and bold research and development work.

Success Chart

Combining activities in the field of construction and the principles of social responsibility, our company attaches great importance to occupational safety at production facilities. We continue our activities under the slogan "Quality Matters". Success in the international arena was achieved through hard work. Our export vibropresses, concrete block machines, concrete pavers, curbs, concrete plants, crushers and concrete mobile dosing plants are the best choice for you.

Why You Should  Choose Us

 Our team works by paying attention to details.  The quality of the product is guaranteed by the talented and experienced team, as well as modern equipment. Our work is focused on customer needs. ISO 9001 quality standard,  Spare parts supply, 24/7 Technical support  and installation Service,  Repair and service. Wide logistic network,  Responsibility to the environment,  Compliance with universal standard,Focus on research and development,  Professional team