What Is A Mold


We develop forms according to all wishes, necessary practical properties. The molds are designed by our experienced specialists, meet the modern standards. The made forms will help you, dear buyers, to make qualitative concrete products. We work hard for you. We offer the wide range of molds for the manufacture of concrete products for various purposes. Conmach designs and  fabricates molds for the  wide range of concrete products for all  machines, concrete pipe making machines, concrete manhole making machines, interlock paving making machines, concrete blocs making machines etc. Molds are fabricated  using  newest technologies technology. has been manufacturing molds for vibro-presses for more than many years, we have a wide range of names, and it is also possible to manufacture according to your drawings and sketches.

Casting molds that we produce

Block making machine, which is one of the most actively sold machines in the construction sector, is manufactured at Conmach with our experienced and professional personnel.  Our masters try for you. We are located in the Ä°kitelli Organized Industrial Zone, where we are developping  following high standards and the latest technologies.  And also we make forms according to your sketches.

     Materials Used In Mold Manufacturing


Large and small companies continue their work by making mold.  Only  the professional teamwork  allows you to create a mold of the highest quality. Conmach company  pays  attention to the use of first class materials in our products.  Metal sheet’s  thickness is between 12 mm and 25 mm and we use metal sheet  in st52 and Hardox grades. Metal  heets CNC Laser Cutting and CNC plasma cutting machines are installed in our factory.  CNC machines complements  the combination of these parts in our factory.