The Price Of The Concrete Manholes Details Making Machine

In this work, we will continue to consider information about machines for the production of concrete rings and other details for concrete manholes. Dear customers, in previous articles we told you about the machine for the manufacture of concrete manholes, concrete manhole machine. In this study, we will share technical details and capabilities. Full equipmentup of the machine are: "Hopper, fume hood, intake pan, exhaust pan, inner mold, outer mold, vibrating table. Dimensions of finished products-Ø1000 and Ø1200. Production is easy and does not take much time. The machine can be different size. Prices for concrete manhole machines  are one of the important points, they can vary depending on the market situation.


The motor power of the machine is 4 kW, the motor of the vibrator is 2x4 kW.,  countertops with two vibrators 30 mm, table dimensions 1650х1650мм and mold. The machine is installed in a hopper with a capacity of 1600 liters, and the total power of the electric motor used by the machine is 12 kW. Conmach equipment, machines for the production of concrete products for the manholes, differs from brands and models on the market because its technical characteristics and components. The product price schedule is flexible and updated in accordance with the market situation. If you want to buy high-quality equipment, we will help you make the right choice.