Seventh export during the epidemic Covid-19

Seventh export during the epidemic Covid-19


The export of concrete blocks and paving machines in 2020 continues with success, our employees are working at a distance in the hygienic zone created at the factory against the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Contracts signed before the epidemic were successfully completed during this period, taking into account the precautionary measures to preserve the safety of our valued customers. We are very proud that during this difficult period of the Covid-19 epidemic, we were able to successfully complete our seventh export.


Sent to Apapa port

Among the models of concrete block and paving machines, BlockKing 20-MS went to the port, which is located in Lagos, Nigeria, from the Istanbul-Ambarli port for to be delivered to the buyer. Our client ordered one 0.5M3 mixer, two conveyor belts, six trolleys and six molds together with the concrete block machine. Our clients ' requests were successfully fulfilled.


Production capacity Blockking -20ms

The range of our concrete block and paver machines includes the BlockKing 20-MS has a production capacity of 6000 9-inch briquettes, 10,000 6-inch briquettes and 550 m2 of pavers within eight working hours. Our company provides services for installation, assembly, operator training, maintenance and supply of spare parts for exported concrete block machines. You can contact us 24/7 by visiting our social media pages.