Representative Of Our Company In Ghana. Linmuel Trading Ventures

In Ghana, which is one of  the countries where the construction sector is active, the high price of construction materials has prompted investors to seek various compromises. This process, which caused a housing shortage in the country, began to bounce back thanks to the blocks consisting of a mixture of cement and laterite. Machines for concrete blocks manufactured by Conmach, one of the suppliers of construction equipment, have taken their place in the construction sector of Ghana. Linmuel Trading Ventures is a dealer for Conmach concrete block machines, paving machines, brick paving machine and hollow concrete blocks in Ghana. Hollow blocks are one of the main components used to create high-quality walls. Mr. Samuel Appiah Adjei, a dealer in Ghana, serves companies that need such equipment in this country. Works around the clock to help you purchase the necessary equipment for the construction. You can contact representatives working in Kanda Accra by calling +233 24 428 3753


Mr. Samuel Appiah Adjei, Representative of CONMACH

Products made from a combination of sand and cement are transformed into a quality product with a machine for hollow blocks, concrete blocks at construction sites. Background information regarding the equipment you are interested in will be provided by Samuel Appiah-Adjei, our representative in Ghana. Machines for the production of concrete blocks and bricks aredeveloped and  made automatically, semi-automatically and manually. These machines help in the construction of large buildings. Linmuel Trading Ventures, a Ghanaian dealer for concrete blocks machines, hollow block machines that have attracted attention with its high pressure resistance, continues to be active throughout the country. For information and assistance, contact Samuel Appiah-Adjei 's Conmach Ghana dealer onsite. You can contact a dealer based in Kanda Accra by calling +233 24 428 3753.