Quality Matters


Our mission; "Quality Improvement"

Conmach, a well-established company in the construction sector, operates in the İkitelli industrial zone. With our professional team, we export  full  equipment for the production of concrete briquettes, concrete paving stones, vibropresses, machines that are most sought after  in the construction sector, in Asia, Africa, North and South America. Mehmet Oflaz, Chairman of the Board of directors of Conmach, who made statements on our website, said that his mission was to achieve a significant improvement in quality. Our production continues at full speed. We use first-class materials in our works. Our machines combine visual beauty and production capacity. That molds are the most important component of the machine.  We adhere to the slogan "Quality matters." Our mold  designs are made using ST52 and Hardox sheet metal. The wall thickness of the sheets used for forms varies from 12 to 22 mm. Developed by mechanical engineers and  formed using CNC laser cutting and assembled by our craftsmen at the factory. We do everything in the smallest details, considering  the needs of customers. We we conduct  mechanical and electronic testing and control of equipment before exporting our machines.

        Unlimited technical support

Oflaz said that the production of the entire series of machines and equipment for the production of concrete products, concrete stations - are the interests of our company. Our customers operate their machines with the quality and guaranty  of CONMACH. Technical support provided to our customers is not limited. We say: < quality is important >. As a family, we are always with our customers. Our main responsibility is to solve technical problems or problems with spare parts that may arise in machine parts and molds. Conmach treats all its customers with understanding.


Pioneers; Conmach Machinery

Mehmet Oflaz, chairman of the board of directors of Conmach, set targets  and priorities for 2020. Oflaz said that most  export companies entice consumers to buy equipment that is not of the best quality,  offering low prices. This situation can be seen in the export to the countries of the Far East. But our company strictly adheres to quality. We are always on the client side. Oflas listed the countries with which our company cooperates: Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Somalia, Democratic Congo, Iraq, Ethiopia, Zambia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Israel Jamaica, Guyana, Fiji. Oflaz finished his words as follows: our machines installed in these countries continue to work without interruption. Possible problems are solved by our technical experts on site, and we also provide support using an online connection.