Machine For The Production Of Concrete Manholes




With a machine for concrete manhole rings manufacturing of rings for drainage, manholes, chimneys became much easier. The design of the control panel of the machine purpose for this. The machine works with vibration system. This system consists of a closed loop. The priority is to ensure the use of this system with high-speed and heat-resistant bearings. The machine for the production of concrete manhole rings works with excellent quality, which is guaranteed by our company Conmach.


Features of concrete manhole  rings.

Molds are used for the production of concrete rings. Our molds,  designed by engineers,  are made of ST 52 metal sheet with Conmach quality. The machine is made with the use of the best materials that increase the quality of our equipment.  All works correspond modern standards.


Difference between concrete  manhole rings.

Machine for the production of concrete manhole rings mentioned together with the machine for the production of concrete pipes. These machines  are one . These machines can be used for years thanks to the hard steel from which they are made.  The machine is designed for reliable, high-quality and at the same time fast production of concrete manhole  rings, sewage wells, etc. Conmach Machinery continues to serve its customers under the motto "Quality matters".