Conmach Makine just exported one more concrete block and interlock making machine to Benghazi, Libya. The concrete mixer, mortar conveyor belt, trolleys, hollow block moulds, interlocking paving mould and curbstone mould are the other equipments exported to Libya within the same container with the block and interlock making machine. This container was shipped at our factory and sent to the port to be able to sail to Benghazi, Libya. Conmach’s reputation in Libya is going on increasing like in the other african countries.


The block and interlock making machine that is shipped to Benghazi, Libya is BlockKing-09MS Concrete Block and Interlock Making Machine. It has the capacity to produce 3.000 units of 20x20x40 cm Block or 4.000 units of 15x20x40 cm Block or 9.000 units of Double T type Interlocking Paver or 2.000 units of Curbstone at a shift (8 hours).The Sales and Marketing Director of Conmach Group, Mr. Mehmet Oflaz said that Conmach is ready to conquer the African market by Conmach’s saying “Quality makes the Difference”. He goes on his sentences via “Africa is the biggest market for the concrete construction machineries. We are trying our best and reasonable prices with the best quality for our African brothers.”


He also said that we are always proud of our after sales service. Whenever a customer from any part of the World asks for a spare part for the concrete block and interlock making machine, we ship it immediately to the customer’s site without waiting the spare part cost to be transfered to our account as we know that even a day loss of work at the customer’s site costs him at least a couple of thousand dollars.