İnterlocking Block Machine


Conmach, a company that develops equipment using scientific technology, attaches great importance to production. The concrete paving machine, Ä°nterlocking block machine which is one of the company's manufactured equipment, is a team work of professionals. This model of the machine, which attracts much attention, produces paving stones that dont require huge costs in production.


High performance, durability, endurance of Machine

 Conmach, which makes its way to the construction market under the slogan “Quality matters” on the continents of Asia and Africa, attaches great importance to the quality of its products. For this reason, building materials made by using concrete paving machines have high density, strength and appearance. Using molds, you can produce various types of pavers, paving stones.

 Machine Operating Principles

The principle of operation of the machine is calculated according to scientific proportions. The machine for concrete paving, paving block machines,Ä°nterlocking block machine   uses materials such as water, cement and sand formed in the mixer, are assembled together and transmitted through the tape to the machine's hopper. These ingredients, which are mixed together in a hopper, are transported to the part of the machine known as the mortar. The сoncrete mortar  is poured into molds. This process creates blocks under vibration.