Exportation to Somalia

Conmach machinery exports are continuing with full speed. CONMACH quality has been identified to one of the African countries Somalia by exporting Concrete Block Machine. Chairman Mehmet Oflaz made the following assessments on our blog. "As it known, the most important factor that adds life to the construction sector is construction machinery. We are trying to make the sector keep strong and to merge fresh blood in it. As a company we have a wide machine production track. Concrete pipe machine, concrete manhole machine, concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, paving stone machine, curbestone machine, briquette machine, and Crusher facilities are among the kinds of machines we have gained in the construction sector.

Oflaz added that their exports in Somalia concrete paving machines. For over a quarter of a century, we continue our work in the sector using modern and technological infrastructure. The Concrete Block Machine we exported has successfully completed all tests. With our machine, one 5 m and one 5.5 m conveyor belt system, 0.15m3 mixers and 4 cars to be used in the collection of products were transported. Our customer made the color choice of our machine and the parts that complete it. Again, the types of mold we sent with our Machine 3 pieces block, 3 pieces of locked paving Stones mold.

The Concrete Block Machine was sent from our factory in Istanbul / Turkey to the port of “Mar Port” in Ambarli with the track. Our machine, which will be completed here, will travel to the port of “Berbera Port” in Somalia, an African country. Our exports of Concrete Block Machine are capable of satisfying our customers with easy installation and automation system. The materials we use consist of materials that are resistant to difficult weather conditions and wear.  We hope that our machine in Somalia will give our customers plenty of benefits, our company always with our customer needs with all kinds of technical support, spare parts and services.