Difference between interlocking bricks machines

What is a paving machine and what is a interlocking bricks machine? What are the areas of use? Where is paving block machines used? Where is interlocking bricks machine used ? What makes the paving block machine? What makes the interlocking bricks machine? What are the production ingredients of these machines? What are the geographic regions where they are widely used? How is the process of assembling these machines?  What are the materials used in factory production?  What happens after the export and what are the solutions? We will try to share the information with our valued customers and  to answer the questions.   The paving block machine and interlocking bricks machine  - a single machine that has the same characteristics .The difference between both types of machine molds. For example, if you want to produce only interlocking bricks on your machine, you prefer briquettes. If you want to produce paving stones in the same way, you can use different molds.


The paving machineis used  in different parts of the Earth. Suitable for use on construction sites. The equipment for production of concrete paving will help to embody your projects in reality. Briquette forms have different sizes. If you want to produce paving blocks of different shapes, you need to put each mold separately. Our kinds of molds consist of 10, 15, 20, asmolin and other special sizes.  The paving machine also known as paving block machine, interlock bricks machine, interlocking block machine. With the ability to change molds, this machine helps us decorate the environment and landscapes.


The paving machine and bricks machine  are machines with the same characteristics. The reason both machines are known separately is the mold standards used.  All you have to do is just have the shapes of the tiles you want to fabricate. The machine is developed taking into account all possible loads and the influence of weather conditions.  The machine is produced using  metal T52 and hardox. The main task is first-class quality. Our customer-oriented company provides spare parts after export. We assist with equipment installation and operator training.