CONMACH moved to a new location.

CONMACH moved to a new location.

For more than ten years, our company engaged in the production and export of concrete blocks making machines, pavers, concrete paraping machines, concrete pipes machines, concrete manchole making machines, compact concrete batching plant, mobile concrete plants, stationary concrete batching plants, mixers, automation systems, inert material bins, crushing plants, moved to a new address in Tekirdag / Chorlu. CONMACH is now located at 105 Ali Osman Celebi Boulevard, Republican quarter, and continues production in the factory premises, with an area of 5500 m2. Our company, which strives to improve quality by producing equipment for the production of concrete blocks machines, concrete pavers making machines, concrete pipes machines, concrete manhole making machines, crushing plants of various types, stationary concrete batching plants, compact plants, mobile concrete plants, concrete mixing plants, as well as the production of spare parts, meets all customer requests. CONMACH is an engineering company that focuses on research and development in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers, mechanics, technicians are working hard and continue to develop their new projects in Chorlu. A team of professionals works hard to improve the quality of CONMACH and increase its competitiveness.

After we visited the factory, the Director of CONMACH, Mehmet Oflaz, shared with me his thoughts about the future work. We share an interview with Mr. Mehmet Oflaz with our readers.

                                       Road map

CONMACH blog: Mr Oflaz, first of all, congratulations. The road that stretches from ikitelli OSB to Chorlu, what would you like to tell us?

Mehmet Oflaz: Thank you. Believe me, I don't know what to say, I'm very happy. We have achieved this happiness, this success together with all our employees and clients. We have gained the trust of customers by creating quality equipment, we have made every effort to achieve excellence. By saying that we will be the architect of the first and best, we have always offered consistent quality all over the world. We continuously work for the happiness of our customers, respecting all our competitors. Thus began our journey from ikitelli OSB to Tekirdag / Chorlu.

CONMACH blog: Could you tell us a little more about your journey?

Mehmet Oflaz: Of course, we have also worked hard at Ikitelli OSB for many years. Over time, we started to run out of space. We had problems with the number of accepted orders and simultaneous production. The lack of a production site, the inability to provide decent working conditions for our employees, this led us to think about finding a wider production site. Our problems were resolved when we decided to move our factory in Tekirdag / Chorlu to a 5500 m2 factory.


Our seedlings are breaking through the soil.


Conmach blog: what are the factors that influenced your roadmap?

Mehmet Oflaz: first of all, I thank you for your question. I would like to point out right away that our road map is in the form of a circle. It represents the planet on which we live, our world. If you look at the CONMACH Machinery logo, you will see the world. We are a company that has been operating for a quarter of a century, which produces and exports construction equipment. We have planted our seedlings all over the world, taking root year after year. Our stationary concrete plants, mobile concrete plants, compact concrete mixing plants, concrete blocks making machines, comcrete paving making machines are rooted all over the world. These are the factors that made up our path of development.

Conmach blog: what are you going to do to renovate your machines in a new place?

Mehmet Oflaz: we will take quality to the top for our customers. The main key to success is that we value our employees, the positive energy that our employees fill the company with. I think that we will be able to take root in the computing field around the world.

Conmach blog: what would you like to say to us last?

Mehmet Oflaz: we have come to the end of a difficult exam. (laughter) the marathon that started when I was a student continues. (laughter in the audience)

We have been operating in the engineering sector for a quarter of a century. We have exported our equipment to countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Jamaica, Republic of Mali, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Zambia,Rwanda, Somalia, Egypt. Many more mills got acquainted with our stationary concrete plants, mobile concrete plants, compact concrete plants, concrete blocks machines, concrete paving machines etc. We will continue our production and export, carrying out production at our plant in Tekirdag / Chorlu.