Conmach Brand

Continuing its development, Africa chooses fast, simple and economical construction technologies. The fact that the continent has its own geographical and climatic features, allows the use of briquettes, bricks  and blocks consisting of soil, cement and water components. Conmach exports machines  to African countries, such as: concrete paver machine, blocks machine, concrete pipe machine, pumice crushers, crushers, mobile concrete plants, concretebatching plants, stationary concrete batching plants to improve the quality of construction sector and materials. Our company manufactures and develops equipment in its own factories in Istanbul, Turkey. Investors, who prefer to speed up the construction process,  make a wise choice for the success of their business by choosing our high quality products at affordable prices. Such machines, as a machine for production of concrete bricks, concrete blocks machine, interlock paving machine, concrete pipes machine, crusher, mobile concrete plants, stationary concrete batching plants, concrete manhole machine and mobile concrete batching plants to reduce the use of sand and cement to a minimum level.

African countries prefer Conmach

Conmach contributes to the profit of its customers and takes this into account exporting machines  to Africa. And also our company tries to provide all necessary technical support to increase productivity of the equipment. Our machines are easy to use and convenient for operators. Countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Somalia, Democratic Congo, Mali, Ethiopia, Zambia, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Benin preferred the quality of the company Conmach. You can request comments  about our equipment from other customers. Spare parts are supplied with Conmach quality. Such machines as machine for the production of concrete blocks, concrete block making machines, concrete paving machines, concrete pipes making machines, crusher, mobile concrete plants, stationary concretebatching plants,  concrete manhole making machines, interlockinh bricks machines are exported under the guarantee of the quality Conmach.

Active machines in Africa

 Our company also exports Conmach crushing equipment in Africa. In the production of equipment technical details are very important, that ensure a long service life of the machine. Mechanical and electrical connections are checked very carefully. The operation of the machine and other issues are explained to the buyer by our specialists. Machines that are exported under the motto " Quality matters’ have a high pressure system and ensure the release of quality products. Our machines are installed in Africa, concrete bricks machine, interlocking bricks machine, paving machines,  hollow blocks machine, concrete pipes machine, crushers, mobile concrete plants, concrete stationarybatching plants, concrete manhole machine, concrete pipes machines turn steadily.