Concrete blocks and paving stonesmaking machine was sent to Kenya, Nairobi.

Conmach BlockKing - 25MS, acquired by a Kenyan construction company in 2018, continues the production of paving stones, curbs, blocks, hollow blocks, asmolen and other concrete products in the city of Nairobi. Wanting to expand its production network, the construction company purchased a second concrete block making machine Conmach BlockKing-20MS from our company. Concrete blocks moulding machine, specifically developed for the customer have been manufactured at our plant in çorlu / tekirdağ. The production process was completed in our factory, after which the machine was sent to the port of Istanbul for delivery to the buyer. Concrete blocks and paving stones moulding machine will be sent to the port of Mombasa in Kenya.

           The delivery process.

The price of the concrete blocks machine and concrete paving stones making machine of our company Conmach allows blocks manufacturers, construction companies to purchase equipment affordable and profitable. The Conmach BlockKing-20MS concrete block making machine sent to the city of Nairobi comes with a block mould, a paving stone mould, a curb mould, an asmoline mould, a hollow block mould, a 9 m conveyor belt, trolleys for transporting the finished product, wooden pallets and other types of equipment. The transport process was carried out within the framework of "Covid-19". Spare parts and other parts were carefully packed with respect to social distance.

Features of the machine.

Blockking-25MS concrete block making machine shipped to Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, in 2018: production of 10,000 blocks 20x20x40 cm, 12,000 blocks 15x20x40 cm, 18,000 blocks 10x20x40 cm. Kenyan paving stone, Kenyan curbstone purchased by a Kenyan construction company, Conmach BlockKing-20MS curbstone capacity: 8,000 blocks of 20x20x40 cm, 10,000 blocks of 15x20x40 cm, 14,000 blocks of 10x20x40 cm and 600 m2 of paving stones. Concrete blocks moulding machine, Concrete paving Stones making machine, mould for curbs, mould for paving stones, sold by our company at an affordable price.