Concrete Batching Plant For Sale


What is it? Concrete Batching Plant; In this article we will consider this topic. This is a working system that is described as the brain of the construction sector. The formation of these installations is carried out using pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electronic equipment. Concrete Batching Plant for sale; Dry concrete plant, Wet concrete plant and Compact mobile concrete plant. The difference between dosing dry concrete and dosing wet concrete; the mixture is not produced in the mixer tank, but in the mixer vehicle.


What is equipment for a Concrete Batching Plant ?

The equipment that makes up these plants is the aggregate hopper, feed belt, cement hopper, auger, mixer and automation system. Conmach is the most popular concrete plant exported with quality and guarantee. Such a station mainly differs from dry concrete plants, which are among the concrete plants for sale. For example, a station is easy to install and very easy to use, without the need for an operator. Maintenance and repair takes place at the construction site.

Easy to move as needed

Conmach Machine concrete batching plants, distinguished by their model and design from others, are made with a quality that will always satisfy the customer. If you look at the market as a whole, it is clear that models produced at a low price have become unusable in a short time. The fixed concrete plant, which is part of the Concrete plant for sale, is used for long-term large projects. A compact mobile station is preferred because it is easy to transport in a short time. The most important aspect of concrete plants is the mixer. Faucets that vary by project.