Brick And Block Making Machine


Conmach presents its best machines and equipment to our esteemed clients in the construction sector. Machines designed to make your job easier and faster will speed up your business. Mechanical machine for the production of concrete blocks, which is one of our products, demonstrates its functionality and practicality. The compression chamber of these machines has a high pressure of approximately 2000-2500 kg / cm2. This feature allows you, our valued customers, to get the best quality briquettes and  blocks. Briquettes consist of strong, durable and reliable ingredients. This allows you to produce quality briquettes, concrete blocks, pavers, curbs, etc. at a low price. The cost of a mechanical machine for the production of pavers and concrete blocks and bricks  is economical in accordance with market conditions.


Features and Benefits

Conmach offers its customers 21st century technology. You can produce concrete bricks, hollow blocks and paving stones in the quantity you need on the machines of mechanical pressing, which are produced by our company. Our mechanical machines are designed for production 24 hours a day. Mechanical machine for hollow blocks, pavers and bricks has an effective, high performance. It is only one of our machines to meet the needs of our customers. If you want to clarify the features and benefits of our machine, please let us know immediately. Our machines for the production of concrete pavers and bricks create compressions of 2000 kg / cm2 to produce quality products. High reliability, professional workmanship, long service life, low maintenance, high structural strength, high compression pressure, round oval briquettes, Macedonian rose, bricks of many other varieties and shapes are one of the features and advantages of our machine.   The complete set of our equipment allows to reduce transportation costs to a minimum for ease of use in industrial premises.