BlockKing-25MS Guyana

Concrete blocks and paving Stones making machine, made for our client from Guyana, differs in the specifications of BLOCKKING-25MS. The installation of the machine was carried out by CONMACH technical service in the capital city of Georgetown. The machine was transported in 1 40-ft container with a generator,  0.5 m3 mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 trolleis and 5 moulds. The production capacity includes 10,000 blocks of 20x20x40 cm, 12,000 blocks of 15x20x40 cm, 18,000 blocks of 10x20x40 cm and 700 m2 of paving stones.

The production work of the machine for sale was quickly completed. The main chassis, conveyor belt, mixer, hydraulic tank, hopper bucket, mortar cart, moulds and other accessories were assembled from wear-resistant profiles and steels. The concrete blocks making machine, made with extraordinary precision, was manufactured at the Conmach Machinery Factory, located in the village of Corlu / Tekirdag.

Guyana, a South American country, is located to the west of Venezuela, to the east of Suriname, to the south of Brazil; in the northern part it borders the Caribbean Sea. Conmach made its first export to Guyana in 2011 with the BLOCKKING-25MS concrete block making machine. Our client, who started production ten years ago, has contributed to the country's economy with the production of blocks, curbs, paving stones. And also the customer who showed the quality difference in Guyana with the concrete products produced by our concrete block making machine ordered the second BlockKing-25MS in 2021.